Engineering Inspection

The engineering inspection is usually more complex than the familiar types of inspection. In fact, it is potentially more challenging simply because it’s up to you to draft a contract with the engineer, as there is no pre-defined scope of work. So, before you call an engineer, make sure you think clearly about your objectives and how this may affect the scope of the investigation. At Greenwood Engineering we have the technical expertise, knowledge and resources to help you manage your business’ risk and maintain compliance with regulatory and health & safety obligations. We offer the full range of engineering testing, inspection, certification and notified body service. Greenwood Engineering provides real estate and professional engineering inspection services with a specialty in structural and foundation evaluations.

Engineering Inspection

Our goal is to help the project team achieve a successful project. We will work with your contractor to help assure that your project is constructed in accordance with the approved contract documents plans and specifications. Our success in achieving this goal has resulted in a strong respect, reputation, and a high level of trust with our clients, which we work hard to maintain every day. Our engineering inspection services include complete observation of construction efforts to ensure compliance with applicable design documents and codes. Greenwood engineering and inspection team consists of highly skilled construction engineers, resident engineers and construction technicians with experience inspecting large, multi-phased construction projects.

Greenwood prides itself on staying knowledgeable of the ever-changing construction practices and innovations. All of our staff understand the owner’s perspective and applies this knowledge of procedures and protocols to each project. Our construction inspection staff meet the highest industry standards. To supplement its inspection services, Greenwood Engineering provides additional quality assurance and quality control with materials testing services. Each project, prior to the start of construction, is completely reviewed for contract compliance, including contractor qualifications, contract documents, planning board requirements, all necessary bonds, insurance, permits, and project schedules. During the field effort, our staff works with project engineers, the owner, and the contractor to ensure strict compliance with plans and specifications.

Our engineering inspection team and certified inspectors offer the expertise needed to resolve technical issues, and are capable of administering all project related contracts, such as budgets and schedules, and cost tracking to help assure all conditions of each contract are realized. In addition, Greenwood Engineering is able to provide periodic reports to comply with both the client needs and contract requirements concerning documenting construction progress. At Greenwood Engineering, our engineering Inspectors perform inspections based on a proactive, structured, systematic three-phase inspection program. This includes Preparatory Inspections, Initial Inspections, and Follow-up Inspections. Our inspectors are multi-disciplined, allowing them to service more than one contract, thereby providing efficiencies in cost and time.

The costs of this engineering inspection are minimal compared to the potentially high risk of building failure and catastrophic financial loss. In fact, in many cases the engineer will be able to identify more effective repairs, often significantly reducing the costs of rehabilitation. We focus on quality of service and the end result. We take great pride in the knowledge that our clients choose us because of our resolute commitment to their satisfaction and attention to their needs.