Foundation Inspection

Our initial foundation Inspection starts with the performance of a detail specialty inspection in order to determine the condition of the foundation on a single-family home or a multifamily building this involves a thorough inspection of not only the foundation area itself but also the exterior perimeter of the building as well. The foundation’s principle role is to not move. If the foundation does move, everything else moves with it, and the resulting end could be catastrophic. If you’re purchasing a residential or commercial property, doing so without a trusted foundation inspection is a risk. Foundation issues can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Many natural variables within the composition of the soil, frost, gravity, forceful movement (vertical, horizontal, uplift) will all attempt to compromise the structural integrity of the foundation. Evaluating the condition of the foundation (inside & out) will help us see potential common problems.

At Greenwood Engineering, Our core competency is offering foundation & basement Inspections to home owners and home buyers alike. For a flat fee we will inspect your foundation/basement, crawl space, and provide a detailed assessment and recommendation. Whether you’re buying, selling, or renovating a residence in Colorado, a proper inspection will identify any structural and safety hazards. Greenwood Engineering has a professional foundation Inspection team, they use some of the latest detection methods and a trained, experienced eye to locate hidden dangers throughout your household. Our services will help you avoid health problems, injuries from structural defects, and issues with local building codes and enforcement authorities. Foundation problems and issues with a home can be difficult to recognize unless you have the professional experience to identify the signs. The best way to make sure a foundation is free of issues is to have a professional foundation inspection performed by Greenwood Engineering.

At Greenwood Engineering, our foundation inspection team work hard to provide the consistently reliable service our customers deserve. When it comes to your property, you want peace of mind. And our in-depth, detailed inspections are designed to offer just that. Our specialists use expertise and the latest in technology to thoroughly inspect your home’s foundation, and we are meticulous in documenting the entire process. Whether you’ve noticed signs of foundation damage, or need an independent engineering report, we provide excellent and timely structural inspections and engineering reports, opinions regarding the causation of the damage and provide effective and economical remediation plans for pier and beam foundations and slab foundations. In fact, our inspectors are regularly asked to provide professional opinions in depositions and trials related to foundation repair. Our multi-disciplined home foundation repair experts take on projects of all sizes.

Your home’s foundation is its core; and cracks or crumbling can seriously compromise its structural stability. So whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster or are just due for a foundation inspection, call the professionals at Greenwood Engineering. Every home deserves a solid foundation. So protect yourself and your property by getting the answers you deserve. Our goal will be to help preserve your foundation so that your entire building can remain in excellent condition. Call Greenwood Engineering today to learn more about our foundation inspection services.