How to Choose Structural Engineer

There is a notable increase in the number of engineering firms today. This makes it daunting to hand pick one that perfectly suits your needs. You may have numerous choices as there are many bill boards and television advertisements these days but it can be an uphill task to settle on one. The following are some handy tips on how to select the right professional engineer.

Technical Expertise

Mere possession of engineering degrees does not make a good engineer. However, a professional engineer must be professionally qualified, as the vast science of structural aspects of building is taught via practical projects.

Licensure and Continuing Education

A successful professional engineer does not stop learning once out of school. It requires a life-long education using new technologies and ever-changing building codes. Each state requires licenses to be obtained by professional engineers so they become eligible to seal engineering drawings and take legal responsibility for the engineering work and calculations, which then allows them to submit the proper documents to apply for a building permit. In the United States, a Professional Engineer status is granted after graduating from an accredited university, passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination, accumulating a set amount of experience and completing the Principles and Practice in Engineering (PE) exam.


You would definitely prefer out of the box ideas to construct your house. An ideal professional engineer needs to be inclined towards innovation. He should be able to draw his innovative options when it comes to complex designs. Any sort of technical issue must be sorted out by him without much hitch.

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