Professional Engineering

When an industrial, commercial, or residential structure fails, Professional engineering team of Greenwood Engineering will be there to determine the cause of failure and extent of damage. Our staff has investigated structural failures due to design problems, construction deficiencies, excessive loading, explosions, fires, weather and seismic events, and other causes. Our Professional engineering team experts at examining failure debris, conducting structural analysis, performing full-scale and component tests, employing computer-aided analysis tools, and performing on-site inspections. Our Structural Engineers have the key role of designing the ‘skeleton’ that connects all of the design disciplines. It is our innovative approach and consideration of sustainable design, which is informed by our renowned expertise in construction engineering and buildability that assists our clients greatly in meeting cost, risk and program requirements. We apply this unique expertise and innovation regardless of the size, type and complexity of the project across all building types including urban developments and infrastructure.


Greenwood Engineering’s structural approach starts with a foundation inspection and structural evaluation process. Our professional engineering specialists have extensive foundation and construction backgrounds that range from single-family home evaluation to large multi-family and commercial structure analysis. Structural cases often require an expert with focused expertise.

Our licensed professional engineers have experience in residential and commercial structures. Their expertise includes design, construction, construction inspection, maintenance, condition inspection, bridge ratings, constructability reviews, erection plans, falsework engineering, and heavy rigging. Our professional engineering solutions incorporate extensive experience using current design and document production technologies. Greenwood Engineering is committed to servicing our clients with the latest technology available including Building Information Modeling (BIM) services via Autodesk Revit. We have a long history of innovation, as well as a reputation for imaginative thinking coupled with common sense solutions. The buildings we engineer perform well throughout their lifetime and make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Structural Engineering

Every service we provide and project we complete must be aligned with our vision of building a professional firm with professional engineering as its backbone. We have engineers on our staff with the technical expertise, experience and ingenuity to design structural systems of all sizes and types. We apply our common sense problem-solving approach to buildings, industrial structures and equipment, agricultural construction and public infrastructure. For clients that wish to obtain a professional opinion or need to categorize known structural problems and their causes, we perform cursory (limited scope) site investigations and consultations. This service also includes brief recommendations for possible solutions or scoping of the overall magnitude of a problem in order to assess the extent of further engineering.

Whether you are a business owner, an architect or contractor, or even another engineer, you’ll receive unparalleled service. We value strong and enduring relationships with our clients, and achieve these bonds with client care responsiveness and efficiency. We always strive to think outside the box to create innovative and high performance designs. Our standards result in construction savings, expedited schedules, improved performance and aesthetic appeal. We strive to never tell clients what they can’t do, instead focusing on the most innovative structural solutions to help make their design concepts reality. We believe that it is this commitment to team-driven design and fruitful collaboration that produces the most compelling and impressive projects.